Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Favre: Will He or Won't He?

One fine day, pro football fans will anticipate the coming of a new season without being subjected to speculation about what Brett Favre will do.

One day, his NFL career will be indisputably over. The countdown to his eligibility for the Hall of Fame will have begun, and he will have settled into his life as a retired quarterback. He may be back in his native Mississippi at that time, or he may be living somewhere else. But he won't be thinking about training camp or opening day or any of that stuff.

This year, as Favre approaches his 40th birthday, does not appear to be that year. Not yet.

Last night, Favre told Joe Buck on HBO that he wants to play again if he is healthy.

And, frankly, it seems to me that it is a done deal, assuming he gets a medical go–ahead on his surgically repaired passing arm.

During his interview with Buck, Favre seemed to be guilty of a verbal slipup, using the pronoun "we" to refer to the Minnesota Vikings. And the Vikings seem eager to have him join them.

Favre left enough room for doubt, saying, "I don't think you can go past anything more than the arm. If that's not up to par, and it's not up to par when the time comes, then I can't play. I went through it last year and I've gutted it out or whatever, but it affected me and it affected our team and I don't want to do that again and I won't do it again."

So, technically, I suppose, it's possible that Favre won't return.

But, unless his doctor tells him that the arthroscopic surgery he had 2½ weeks ago was not successful, I expect to see Favre suiting up in the purple and gold this fall.

And that should make his return to Green Bay as the Vikings' quarterback, on November 1, a memorable occasion for football fans.

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