Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Latest Polls

It seems that I was a bit hasty — but only a bit — when I wrote the other day that Oklahoma hadn't budged from #4 and unranked Arkansas hadn't received any votes for the Top 25 following Arkansas' victory over Oklahoma a week ago today.

I guess what I saw was mislabeled — or perhaps I was mistaken. Either way, I apologize for any contribution I may have made to anyone's misunderstanding of the situation.

I wasn't too far off, though. OU only dropped a couple of spots. The Sooners are now ranked sixth in both the AP and Coaches' polls.

And the Razorbacks still aren't ranked in the Top 25 — but they did receive some votes.

If you extend the AP rankings to include every team that received any support at all, the Razorbacks would be ranked 28th in that poll.

Arkansas also received some modest support in the Coaches' poll. If you extend that poll to include every team that received any votes, the Razorbacks would be ranked 36th in the nation.

Nevertheless, I still hope that Arkansas will beat Texas tonight — and the Razorbacks will break into the Top 25 in both polls next week.

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