Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Survivor Fills in Blanks on Colleagues' Fates

Nick Schuyler, who was apparently the lone survivor of the tragedy at sea that seems to have taken the lives of two NFL players and a third man, has been filling in the details on the last hours of his comrades' lives.

It's a harrowing tale. A few hours after the boat capsized Saturday evening, the pro football players apparently gave up, took off their life jackets and permitted themselves to be washed out to sea.

Sometime Monday morning, the third man reportedly thought he saw a light in the distance and decided to take off his life jacket and swim to it.

Schuyler's story may or may not be accurate. As a cousin of one of the NFL players said, "We're not 100% sure where his head was at. He'd been through a lot."

It is possible that the men may yet be found. But it has now been four days, and it would truly be miraculous if they managed to survive in the chilly waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Even so, the Coast Guard has suspended the search, and the three men now appear to be presumed dead.

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