Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baseball Predictions Are On Target So Far

The baseball playoffs began yesterday so we're still a few weeks away from learning who will be in this year's World Series.

But I've been quite pleased with my predictions to this point.

In the American League, I correctly predicted which four teams would be in the playoffs. I predicted the Minnesota Twins would win the Central (although I did not anticipate that they would need a one–game playoff to clinch their division). And, technically, I was correct when I predicted the Yankees and Red Sox would be in the playoffs, but I had them reversed. I picked Boston to win the division and New York to be the wild card.

In the National League, I got all three division winners correct — Los Angeles, St. Louis and Philadelphia — but I was off the mark on the wild card. I predicted the New York Mets would be the wild card team. It turned out to be Colorado.

Still, seven out of eight ain't bad.

Briefly revisiting my predictions for the postseason, I said Boston and St. Louis would meet in the World Series. That could still happen. Boston hasn't begun its ALDS series with the Los Angeles Angels yet (it starts today), but St. Louis got off to a rocky start last night with a 5–3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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